Nice to Meet You

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Happiest when my nose is in a book, a doughnut is in my hand and Friends is on the TV.

My love of words is a constant, thrumming heartbeat that I have felt for as long as I can remember. The music that I listen to and films that I love can change with the seasons, but writing is something that I always find my way back to. (You can find two of my existing articles here and here, and one of my stories here.) Opening my laptop with fingers tap-dancing against the keyboard in an endless jumble of words feels like returning to my metaphorical home - full of warmth and endless mugs of tea.

This is my digital notebook, where I'll be sharing my stories, thoughts and loves. My aim is to spread some joy, even in the smallest of ways, for you to enjoy during your lunch break, on your commute home from work - or wherever you like!

With that being said...

Welcome to my happy place - I hope it can be yours too.


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